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St Mary's Primary School Pomeroy

Tatiana Silva......sending love💟

8th Jun 2019

Today Pomeroy stood as a mighty unit and touched the hearts of a family beyond words.........a family humbled by the love and kindness that today brought happiness when happiness is hard to find. Tatiana in her meek little self no doubt keeps the fight in their hearts desperately strong when strong is so hard to that strong came from a community, a community who's strength shows no boundaries, a community that has been touched by deep heartache and a community today touched by the very best of giving. Poignantly 2 teams in the Mighty Clash of the Clans Final are among 2 Clans touched by their own sadness, but today they stood united for another family. We as a school are overwhelmed by you all........the community that supports and surrounds us is rich to the core........a school, a club, a church, a community today united as one FAMILY!
We thank you from deep in our hearts! #pomeroy#amightyforce#